With the approval of the New MMRP Master Plan in 2019, the FMP has fulfilled its primary objectives to promote preservation of the MMRP's natural attributes; maintaining the integrity and boundaries of the park; and supporting the MMRP, for scientific, educational and recreational experiences.

Several officers on the BOD are resigning after many years of service. Lack of volunteers to fill the positions has led to the following: The FMP will not exist as it has in the past. The FMP will cease collection of membership dues, acceptance of donations, holding of annual meetings, and preparing and mailing hard copies of the McDowell Messengers. Board members will remain in office and approve FMP funding for MMRP or joint partnerships projects, to ensure that collected donations are used in the spirit in which they were given. Once funding is depleted or transferred to another 501 (c) 3, the FMP will be dissolved, and all related corporation documentation will be finalized, (IRS, Bank, AZ Corporation Commission, Website, etc.).

Newsletters will be emailed to 2019 members to keep them apprised of the activities.
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