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One of the prime reasons for the existence of the Friends of McDowell Park is to serve as a watchdog, if you will, to try and preserve the natural beauty of the Park while at the same time encouraging public use of the park in activities that does protect its natural beauty. It's important that we encourage use of the park by our citizens but at the same time we must protect its natural beauty and the desert "park experience."

As the population continues to expand around the Park, it will be under continued pressure to allow projects and activities into the Park that will destroy the natural beauty of the Park.


During 2008, the FMP donated the funds to completely rennovate the outside of the Visitors Center. This included adding a patio next to the center. This patio will allow for many more events to take place at the park.

The FMP has donated a tent to the Park with its name on the front. This has been used when the Park participates in events, such as the Arts & Craft Fair in Fountain Hills and is used for their "booth."

Information panels depicting photos and information of the Park were also purchased for the Park. These are currently at the Park's Visitors Center but have been used in the public for events such as in a booth described above. In 2015, Story Boards were purchased by the FMP and installed at various locations in the park that provide photos and information for visitors.

A major contribution to the Park by FMP has been ATVs, which have proven invaluable for Park staff. In 2007 the McDowell Park Association donated $10,000 to purchase the department's first utility vehicle for use in McDowell Mountain Regional Park. Subsequently, the vehicle's maintenance costs became excessive and in the spring of 2014, the FMP donated $10,000 of the estimated $14,000 for a replacement ATV for the Park. A Polaris Ranger Crew 570 was purchased and delivered. In 2015, a trailer for the ATV was purchased by the FMP. The ATV and trailer are used on the trails to perform needed maintenance and to assist with medical emergencies.

In 2015, a bike wash and repair station was constructed in the park with the aid of the FMP.

The FMP has created and printed brochures for the MMRP Visitor's Center, purchased supplies for the Interpretive Programs, purchased sun shades for the Youth Camp Area, adopted multiple trails in the Adopt-A-Trail Program and in 2018, purchased a new articulating trailer for the ATV at the MMRP.


Below are a few of the proposals that the FMP has opposed in the past. Please see the History Tab for the full description of each topic.

FIRING RANGE - In the 1990s a group wanted to establish a firing range at the location of the current bicycle track.

COOK-OUT FACILITY - A gentleman who lost his lease in Scottsdale wanted to set up a "ranch type" building in the park to hold corporate cook-outs near the Lously Hill area.

SCULPTURE GARDEN - Display of an eastern artist's huge metal (I-beam) type sculptures and other work.


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